About London Lace

Living in London for many years, I loved frequenting the city's markets, brimming with gorgeous linens, laces and other fabrics. I couldn't resist purchasing textiles - even when I had nowhere to put them all, in my tiny flat.

When I returned to the States with a stockpile of goods, I opened a small shop in Boston and called it London Lace.

As supplies of antique fabrics dwindled, I located a factory in Scotland manufacturing the same fine laces that were originally produced in the 19th century. To my delight, the factory could also loom new designs on their updated antique machines.

As a result of regular repairs and constant maintenance of these historic looms, we are able to offer a range that will appeal to the most traditional taste as well as a totally modern aesthetic.

I closed my shop in 2005 to concentrate on the growing demands of mail order.

Please browse through our website. Whatever your style, we think you will find just what you're looking for.

Best Regards

Diane Loesch Jones