In this photo we have a 48" Star Madras doubled over the rod adding a bit more privacy and a big plus - instant installation. Any of our panels that are scalloped on all 4 sides work wonderfully for this treatment see  Paisley, Spring Rain or  Matisse Daisy.

A London Lace favorite, the Star Madras lace pattern is available as a finished tablecloth and runner as well as yardage and finished curtains. Stars have always enhanced country homes but can also add sophistication to a modern city dwelling. Available as panels with scalloped edges or as vertical yardage. The vertical yardage can be customized to your desired length.

In our photo, we show Star flipped over the rod to create its own valance.

All Madras laces are 100% cotton and should be dry cleaned, machine washed on a gentle cycle or warm washed by hand.


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